Corporate sustainability is synonymous with growth and success, real sustainability is only achieved with a strategic vision that involves all areas of the company.
The aspects that make a local company a national and international leader: Quality, Investment and Constant (ongoing) Research.
We started with a simple idea: centring your problems.
Through constant commitment, we are able to think, design and implement new solutions to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of our customers.

Parmalapping builds on many years of experience in the food industry, particularly rinsing and filling machines, applying ceramic coatings in the areas in contact with seals to improve the functionality of the machine and the durability of its components.
Today, after 40 years of work in the world of Plasma Spray coatings and 20 years spent alongside many manufacturing companies, which have led us to constant growth by making us aware of their problems, which have then also become ours, we have come up with a rotating manifold for rinsing and filling machines, improving all the critical parts you pointed out.
- We worked on the ceramic-coated central body, which was the first critical point, replacing it with an all-ceramic rotor made of 99.5% alumina (Patent)
- We replaced the existing seals with our new seal mod. 3/A (Anti-Rotation - Anti-Wear) (Patent)
- We eliminated internal bearings near the product passage with guide strips.
- We inserted “calibrated” hexagonal pins for fixing the integral ceramic. (Patent)
- 100% rotation testing of parts.
- 100% rotation testing of parts.
- MOCA certification issued.
The all-ceramic cylinder, special 3/A seals and all stainless steel parts are MOCA-certified, in accordance with European Regulation 1935/2004, for components in contact with foodstuffs.
The design is the result of the synergy between our technical department and the customer, in order to satisfy exactly what is the final need in complete collaboration.

It is the natural evolution of the filling world, to improve efficiency and reduce production and maintenance costs.
Manifolds for food and pharmaceutical Rinsing and Filling Machines, with all-ceramic rotor - 99% alumina and A/3 sealing (anti-rotation, anti-wear, anti-well) MOCA certified - compliance with European Regulation 1935/2004 for components in contact with foodstuffs.
Parmalapping works to meet customers' needs
with timeliness, flexibility and professionalism,
to ensure a highly customised design and production process. 
This is thanks to a team of qualified professionals
and committed to finding the most suitable solutions on a daily basis,
from design to prototype, from realisation to after-sales service.  


Via Galilei, n. 11
43040 Rubbiano di Solignano (PR) Italy
Tel: +39 0525 30211
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